15th March 2022

How to look after your skin in your 70s

Lots of things change as we age, our skin being one of them. Taking care of your skin in your 70s and beyond is all about nurture, giving it the care it needs and deserves.

Skin changes in your 70s and beyond

Everyone wants how they feel inside to be reflected on the outside, but this can be tricky when your skin isn’t playing ball. As we travel down the path of life, the natural levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin dwindle. The result is skin that’s thinner, and more fragile with prominent lines and a loss of elasticity. Our skin is also a reflection of our experiences, and sun damage and stress from our younger years can show themselves on our faces too.

To help skin feel stronger and more resilient, take a softly-softly approach to skincare. That means doubling down on nourishing ingredients, using massage to increase blood flow and preventing future damage with SPF.

How to care for your skin in your 70s

A gentle, care-focused approach is the best way to look after your skin in your 70s and beyond.

Treat with care

Think of your skin as a piece of silk. You wouldn’t put your favourite silk scarf on a frothy hot wash, so why use abrasive methods on your skin? The older you get, the more you become aware of its delicacy, as bumps and scrapes show more easily on the surface. Be gentle when washing your face and applying products. When cleansing, use soft, sweeping motions to remove makeup and daily grime, especially around the delicate eye area, instead of tugging or pulling at the skin. Take time for facial massage when applying serums and moisturiser, showing skin some love. Work upwards, against gravity, just making sure your technique sits on the right side of firm.

Nourish and nurture

Your skin has been through a lot, and it really deserves some TLC. Combat feelings of dryness with luxurious, comforting textures like balms and rich lotions. Your skin will thank you for it. If you want to use high performing actives like retinoids but find your skin can be overwhelmed, buffer their application by sandwiching between two layers of moisturiser. You’ll still get the benefits, but counteract the potential for irritation. For rehydration and repair, ingredients like ceramides, squalane, vitamin F and hyaluronic acid are your go-to.

Don’t forget your SPF

It’s easy to remember your SPF when you’re on holiday. The sun is beating down and you have more time to spare. It’s when you’re at home that many of us get out of the mindset of daily SPF. But those pesky UV rays are still there – even on a cloudy day. Every time you leave the house, whether you’re nipping to the shops or enjoying a long walk with friends, make sure to slather on at least a factor 30. Wearing a hat and seeking shade during the hottest hours (between ten and two o-clock) will help shield skin too.

The T-Zone

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