17th January 2022

How To Cover Dark Circles

fake an eight-hour sleep

Are you in serious need of an energy boost first thing in the morning? Maybe you’ve overdone it a little over the holiday season and are feeling the effects, or maybe you just didn’t quite get your full eight hours last night. Whatever the reason, this is the perfect pick-me-up routine to give you the energy to face the day – no caffeine needed.

First up (naturally) is BFF Eye, our powerful under-eye serum-concealer hybrid. The clever coverage makes light work of dark circles, while the cooling Zamac tip helps to de-puff my under-eyes. Then I put on BFF De-Stress for radiant coverage, followed by Flush Blush in Wiggs, my personal go-to shade for perking up my complexion. Next, I opt for a little Sheer Shimmer in Bunny for a subtle glow, as well as a neutral eye with Eye2Eye in Wisdom. I top it all off with Miracle Blur wherever I feel I need it, and voilà – I’ve gone from feeling flat to looking fabulous in no time…