Patrick Ta’s effortless cream-based makeup look

a masterclass from a pro makeup artist

World-famous makeup artist Patrick Ta is renowned for creating sculpted yet natural makeup looks with a touch of drama, and I am so excited to see him create one of his signature looks using his Trinny London stack. Glowy, more glamorous makeup doesn’t have to be complicated, ladies and boys – it can be achieved solely with light, cream-based makeup that feels as good as it looks...

Just A Touch in Alison

“I love this finish, it’s just super natural. You can still really see your skin, and it just cancels out all of the redness. It takes away any imperfections, but you can still see your freckles, you can still see everything else that we want to see on the skin [...] This is going right into my kit.”

Eye2Eye in Emperor

“What’s really great about this formula is that you can have the precision of an actual powder eyeshadow, but you can also blend, you can also line your lash line [...] and just slowly diffuse it out.”

BFF SPF 30 Cream in Light

“This is the perfect thing to put underneath your foundation. You can wear it alone, but I’m going to put it underneath the Just A Touch foundation-concealer, so this is going to give the skin a really beautiful, healthy glow.”

Golden Glow in Gaia

“You guys can see how it just really warms up the skin [...] so the whole point of this contour/bronzer is to make it look really subtle, really natural, just to give your skin a really beautiful, healthy bronze, but so that you can still see your skin underneath.”

BFF Eye in Maisie

“This helps firm, and it also tones while boosting microcirculation underneath the eyes, so this really helps reduce red and blue undertones with hyaluronic acid. It also delivers immediate hydration that improves the skin’s texture. It’s not often that I find new products that I love to put in my kit [...] this is a good, good, good product.”

Lip2Cheek in VeeBee

“This is a long-lasting, concentrated pigment that really has super staying power. It’s super easy to put onto the lips, but this also really looks beautiful on the cheeks if you want that really monochromatic look.”

Flush Blush in Electra

“This really gives you that healthy flush from within. It makes the skin look super glowy, there’s no streaking or fading, so this formula is super easy to build, to really intensify the colour.”