Positive energy meditation

harness the power of the sun in this guided mediation with Sanjai

The meditation starts at 3:04

After speaking to you on one of my Instagram Lives I met up with Sanjai to introduce you to positive energy meditation. Although still relaxing it also brings out your energy.

I used to never like meditation until I met Sanjai; He completely changed my mind as he made it exceptionally personal to me. He also made me feel that there was no incorrect way to meditate and that you can drift out and in of it.

To begin with Sanjai allows you to get in your most comfortable relaxed state, in position and in mind. If you need support (eg. your back) place that support around you.

Then closing your eyes pay attention to your body and move it into the most comfortable position if need be. Place your palms upwards and breathe in for 2 seconds and breathe out for 2 seconds.

In this session Sanjai is making the meditation accessible to us all; Really harnessing the power and warmth of the sun. The presence of the sun creates a positive energy and helps to release any tension you may be holding onto.

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Sanjai Verma




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