Rethink Your Routine: Episode II Part II

mini makeovers part II

There were so many ladies who wanted to rethink their routine in Duke of York square that I simply couldn’t say no, and made over even more women…

A lot of ladies tell me that when they find a makeup look that suits them, they stick to it religiously. However, they may not realise that as your skin and lifestyle changes, you need to adapt your makeup routine to complement it.

Our first lady, Toni, is a gorgeous brunette with glorious skin. Using BFF, I enhanced her natural glow and gave her a statement red lip in Swainy. When applying a bright lip, I use the T-Kit for precision, and then consider the balance of blusher and eyeshadow. I chose Wiggs, an understated muted pink blush to balance against the warm red of Swainy. Toni’s final look was radiant and confident.

Esmeralda was our second beautiful lady. Chacha and John felt that her gorgeous bone structure could handle a stronger, bolder makeup look with a bit more colour. To conceal Esmeralda’s under-eye circles, we used BFF Eye, and then applied Eye2Eye in Emperor which made her eyes pop. Chacha also used her favourite Lip Love in Sacha to complete Esmeralda’s look. After a quick hair juju, she had transformed her look in less than 4 minutes.

Our third lovely lady, Karina, had a slight redness to her skin, which I easily soothed and covered with our BFF skin perfector. I gave Karina a natural, everyday makeup look to help her feel confident and fresh. When it comes to hairstyles, I love to see a lady’s eyes, so I pushed Karina’s hair away from her face, and with her new makeup, she instantly looked younger and more refreshed.

So ladies… is it time to rethink your routine?


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