Supplements for your 30s & 40s with Shabir

In this second instalment with Shabir, we look at which supplements you should be taking in your 30s and 40s to support a changing body. It's important to evolve and change your routine so that it still suits you.

Supplements in our 30s

Your multivitamin may now change if you are planning to conceive – if this happens to be the case then change over to a food state prenatal multivitamin such as Wild Nutrition’s Food Grown Fertility which is ideal for use as a prenatal supplement working to support preconception actual pregnancy. This is optional as you could continue with Alive multivitamins until you conceive.

If you do conceive then I would recommend that you change over to Wild Nutrition’s Food Grown Pregnancy which is a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to provide you and the baby with the correct levels of vitamins and minerals. This formula contains 200mg of Calcium per serving (remember that the body’s requirement is 1200mg of calcium during pregnancy to support you and the baby) as well as iron since this mineral is required to manufacture blood cells, haemoglobin etc for both you and the baby.

You should consider introducing a probiotic such as Mega Probiotic ND on a daily basis to support digestion, enhance immunity, provide energising B vitamins etc.

Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, your omega 3 supplementation should continue because DHA in omega 3s are required for healthy nerve formation during pregnancy whilst EPAs work in a myriad of processes.

Supplements in our 40s

Your multivitamin now should revert back to the one you used in your 20s as generally speaking you are going to be entering the perimenopause so fertility should not be of concern.

Carry on with your probiotic and your omega 3 supplements but additionally consider the use of Sage Complex – this supplement contains herbs that mimic the female hormones to try and balance the declining oestrogen levels that occur during this phase.

You might also wish to consider a separate magnesium supplement such as Neuro-Mag as it helps to relax the body, is required for hormone manufacture, energy production and helps improve sleep quality. Magnesium is a mineral thought to be deficient in large numbers of the adult population simply because it is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions within the body and our intake of magnesium rich foods (leafy greens, nuts, seeds etc) is simply not sufficient.


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