The Trinny Taxi Show: Nadine Baggott

Today in the cab we have Nadine Baggott, Health & Beauty Editor, Journalist and TV presenter with 25 years in the industry. She's really an expert on all things make-up, skincare and hair and a firm believer that age is no barrier to looking and feeling great. We've known each other for years and I absolutely adore her. I trust her advice, especially when it comes to skincare; She really has so much knowledge in this field...

She answered all my gruelling questions in a game of truth or dare in which she reveals her least favourite product and we talk about the famous faces that have "catfished" her...

Makeup challenge

The Right Light in Sunlight (£25)

Flush Blush in Schmoogie (£20)

Lip Glow in Cordy (£16)


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