The Trinny Taxi Show: Tom / Crystal Rasmussen

The Trinny Taxi Show: Tom / Crystal Rasmussen

I'm so excited to have Tom and Crystal Rasmussen join me in the taxi today. Tom is contributing beauty editor on Dazed Magazine and online beauty site Refinery29, Crystal is a drag queen from New York with a huge personality. Today they talk to me about gender fluidity, skin confidence, Crystal's first book "Diary of a Drag Queen" and I give Tom a whole new look...

Tom/ Crystal's makeup

Crystal admits that they had acne as a teenager, something I can empathize with, but now has the most beautiful, flawless skin. When Crystal is Tom, they don't wear makeup but I wanted to give them their own makeup look for a little extra glow on those days when they're out being Tom..

I start with BFF Cream SPF 30 in Light (£35) it's so important to wear an SPF every single day. We touch up under the eye and on the cheeks with Just A Touch in Lily (£28). I smooth out those acne scars with Miracle Blur (£26) and add a tiny amount of Golden Glow in Soala (£25) mixed with Cheekbones in Kate (£25) to define the cheeks, creating a tiny shadow under the sideburns. For a natural daytime look, Eye2Eye in Justice (£18) is the perfect nude shade on the eyes. To bring out the blue in their eyes, I add blusher on the apples of the cheeks. Lip2Cheek in Phoebe (£25) and Lip2Cheek in Chloe (£25) mixed together and lightly washed over their lips gives definition and form whilst keeping the look natural. My ethos is that you should only see highlighter when you move your face, so I add a small amount of The Right Light in Starlight (£25) to their cheekbones and browbone. To take things up a notch and really make those blue eyes pop, I add Lip Love in Katinka (£24) over Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18) which I think you'll agree looks fantastic for a "Pro Tom" face.

I couldn't resist a liitle bit of glamour for Crystal, I think you'll agree Lip Love in Valentina (£24) is the perfect shade.

What a delight to be given a copy of Crystal's book, Diary of a Drag Queen, it's available on Amazon and you can order it here.


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