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Simplify your routine with our skincare and makeup accessories, including our expert-approved T-Brushes and clear makeup bags…

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I can never have enough bags and accessories in my life and at Trinny London, it's not just about the makeup – it's about the tools that make your life easier.
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Stackable mirror for on the go touch-ups


Worth $137
Makeup Brushes Set
T-Brush Set

All three of our essential T-Brushes in the Platinum Elizabeth bag worth $28


Multitasking slanted brush for effortless concealing and blending


Makeup brush
Complexion T-Brush

Dome-shaped, base-perfecting brush for a seamless finish


Subtly tapered brush for diffused colour and a fresh-faced glow


Worth $100
Big & Small Travel Bag
The Atlantic & Jubilee Bag Set

One for your handbag, one for your overnight bag


Large beauty bag
The Chelsea

Large beauty bag for your whole routine and more


Pack of three muslin cloths

Pure cotton muslin cloths for a really deep clean


3-in-1 Brush Set

Portable, stackable, travelling 3-in-1 brush set


Large travel bag
The Atlantic

Large beauty bag with space for your whole routine


Small Travel Bag
The Jubilee

Sleek makeup bag for all your daily essentials


Sleek yellow bag, perfectly sized for your stack


So chic you’ll be tempted to keep it for yourself...


Compact travel bag for life on the go


Makeup Pot

Perfect for decanting your favourite products



How to clean your T-Brushes

Keeping your T-Brushes looking fresh and clean couldn’t be easier.

On the move: Simply wipe your T-Brushes clean with a tissue

For a quick clean: Apply a brush cleaner to the tip of the bristles (be careful not to get any near the metal as this can loosen the bristles) and swirl onto a clean cloth or tissue until the colour starts to ebb away

For a deep clean: use a gentle shampoo or a bar of soap with warm water to clean your bristles. Remember to angle your T-Brushes downwards when under the tap to avoid any water getting near the metal

How to use the T-Towel

The perfect partner for Be Your Best, our enzyme balm cleanser, the T-Towel is your skin’s new favourite accessory…

Dip your T-Towel into warm water before gently massaging the muslin cloth onto your skin in circular motions until you’ve removed all of the cleansing balm. Rinse your cloth in clean water after every use, and remember to wash regularly (they’re machine washable!)


Your Accessory FAQs

The T-Towel is our essential muslin cloth, available in a pack of three (or individually with Be Your Best, our enzyme balm cleanser). Our pure cotton makeup remover face cloths give the most thorough and luxurious cleansing experience, helping to gently exfoliate your skin and remove even stubborn makeup.

We have different sizes and designs, so you can choose your favourite and store your staples in style. From The Chelsea bag, our large, beauty mothership, to our smallest accessory, The Elizabeth, there’s a makeup bag for every occasion.

The T-Kit is our nifty three-in-one brush set. Perfect for on-the-go or at-home makeup application, this trusty tool contains three bespoke brushes (lip, line and shade) crafted to work seamlessly with our cream formulas.