Plump Up Microneedle + Limited Edition Elizabeth Set – Refill

At-home microneedling tool and refill of our advanced peptide and hyaluronic acid serum for plump, firm, good-quality skin, plus a limited edition white Elizabeth beauty bag.

Please note: refills need to be inserted into the original casing and won’t work on their own.

This set includes:

Plump Up Microneedle – clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, our at-home microneedling tool – also known as a dermaroller – is your shortcut to healthy-looking, good-quality skin that springs back – no downtime, no fuss (includes cleaning spray)

Plump Up Peptide+ HA Serum Refill – clinically proven to visibly firm and lift, our advanced peptide and hyaluronic acid serum is the skincare equivalent of restoring pillowy fullness to a well-worn cushion for plump, bouncy skin

Limited Edition White Elizabeth – sleek, chic beauty bag to store your microneedle or any other beauty essentials

Remember, the head of your microneedle should be replaced after 24 uses – simply remove and snap on your new head.

We recommend taking at least a one month break after every eight weeks of microneedling to give your skin the opportunity to rest and regenerate.


Plump, firm, rejuvenated skin


All except sensitive


Fine lines, dullness, uneven texture and tone


Clinically proven results at home

Routine step:
AM cleanse/serum/moisturise/SPF
PM double cleanse/microneedle/serum/moisturise


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Plump Up Microneedle

540 stainless steel, 0.5mm needles encourage the skin’s natural healing process by creating imperceptible microchannels in the skin; helps minimise the look of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores; enhances skincare absorption, allowing the active ingredients to work harder by absorbing more easily

Plump Up Peptide+ HA Serum

Hexapeptide-9 plumps fine lines and improves elasticity; hyaluronic acid and betaine deeply hydrate; oligopeptide-1 is a cheerleader for your skin’s collagen and elastin production; our high-tech 4-peptide complex works to increase skin elasticity and firmness

Limited edition white Elizabeth bag

250 x 170 x 110 mm in size, with a patent white PU exterior and yellow PU interior; perfect for storing your microneedle or any other beauty favourites on the go


Application tips

How to use the Plump Up Microneedle, according to our skincare expert

  1. Thoroughly double cleanse your skin, then rinse the microneedle with warm water and shake off any excess

  2. Hold your microneedle at the base with your index finger resting on the handle for stability

  3. Working in small sections, roll your microneedle back and forth, twice horizontally and twice vertically, per area – use light, feathering motions and don’t exert any force or pressure

  4. This technique should be used on your forehead, cheeks, chin, neck and décolleté – take extra care on areas where the skin is thinnest, such as your forehead and neck, and never microneedle on the eyelids

  5. To microneedle your nose, pass the microneedle downwards twice on either side of the nose

  6. Microneedle above the lips by moving the microneedle outwards from above the Cupid’s bow to the corners of the lip – do this twice on each side

  7. Apply a hydrating serum like Plump Up, our advanced peptide and hyaluronic acid serum

  8. Spray the microneedle with the cleaning spray and replace the protective cap after every use

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