28th September 2018


Massimo Dutti Shop Up

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Massimo Duty Autumn Shop Up

I decided to go to Massimo Dutti, which is a brand by the same owner as Zara. It it more expensive than Zara but less so than shops such as Whistles. They have beautiful fabrics and have an excellent colour selection.

I love a good navy or even a blue coat and Massimo Dutti had a fabulous array. From navy puffer jackets to sleek cobalt flannel coats there were many I loved.

Suede is also a lovely material to have in the autumn, but more so to wear in the daytime. Their western style cowboy boots and suede bag are ideal for my trip to Utah.

I am not usually one for leather jackets but they had quality jackets without any fuss. Rather than being ornate with zips their offerings were extremely sleek.

I love a good cashmere jumper and they had a variety of beautiful colours. I'm absolutely loving grey and navy tones...

Voila! Although a much smaller selection than Zara, they had a good curation of high quality pieces.

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