12th July 2018


My Packing Technique

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When I travel I want to be able to bring all of my favourite clothes. You might think there is no way I could fit over ten dresses, a variety of shoes, kaftans, and accessories, but with my flat laying technique which I've used for years you'd be surprised how much I can fit. I like to bring enough outfits to be able to wear something different every single day and night. I want to cover all options, materials and colours. There's always that fear of loosing your favourite outfits when travelling by plane, but if you can't bring your most loved outfits on holiday when can you?

Another tip is to pack Huggable Hangers to make sure your clothes can hang properly without deforming the shape of your outfit once at the hotel. I also absolutely love the Muji Garment Cases to organise my underwear and swimwear.

For any small items such as skincare, makeup, wires etc I use my Trinny London TRAVEL BAGS (£22).



All the products featured on my social media channels I have purchased myself, or on occasion, have been sent to me by PR when called in.

I do not accept payments to create videos on my social channels. However, so as to make it easy for you ladies, I embed links so that you can purchase any products mentioned seamlessly.

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