29th December 2022

Party makeup looks that won’t take hours: an expert guide

Whether you’re getting ready for the office soirée, a family gathering or an intimate dinner for two, here are our expert-approved makeup looks this party season.

How to decide on your party look

Arguably the hardest part of getting ready for any occasion, deciding on your look isn’t always an instant lightbulb moment. While it may sound obvious, start by considering the event itself – if you’re going to a pool party, a full face of makeup might not be the answer. If the event is on the casual side of things, such as a family dinner, you may want to keep your makeup more laid back and avoid a bright lip to prevent any smears or tricky touch-ups after you’ve finished eating. Take your outfit into account too – if it doesn’t pop quite how you expected and you want to add a little something-something, maybe opt for a bold lip or dramatic eye. Want to let your outfit do the talking? Keep it subtle with soft, neutral hues.

“Party season is the perfect time to experiment with colour” says Katie, Pro Makeup Artist at Trinny London. “Don’t be afraid of trying something new”. If there’s ever been a time for trying a smoky eye, a metallic lip or wearing blush for the first time, it’s party season. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for our favourite effortless party makeup looks…

Our favourite party looks

The dramatic eye

We know a smoky eye has an unfair reputation for being a tricky look, but we promise it’s easier than you might think. “A smoky eye uses two or three eyeshadow colours that span from light to dark to create a smoke effect on the lid” explains Katie, including a lighter, shimmering shade. Pick three colours that work well together and suit your unique combination of skin, hair and eye colour. Not sure what will work for you? Head to our Match2Me tool to find your perfect shades.

How to create a smoky eye

Step 1

Apply your first eyeshadow as a wash of colour across the lid, you can use your fingers or our Conceal/Eye Contour T-Brush, it’s up to you. Focus the majority of the colour towards the inner corner of your eye and blend softly outwards.

Step 2

Create a V shape at the outer edges of your eye using the second shade, in the crease and across your lash line. Remember a smoky eye is bold and dramatic, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Step 3

Pat the final, shimmering shade onto the centre of your eyelid and tap a little on the inner corner of your eye to brighten it up.


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The statement lip

Never underestimate the power of a statement lip. A classic, fail-safe look, the statement lip can transform your makeup with a simple pop of powerful colour. Whether you’re opting for an iconic red, a metallic moment or a dark, vampy hue, here’s how to apply the perfect statement lip.

How to apply a statement lip

Step 1

Start by applying a nourishing balm to give your lips a hit of hydration. This will help your lips look their best no matter what product you’re applying on top.

Step 2

If you’re worried about fine lines around your lips or that your lipstick may bleed, apply a little lip and line filler, such as Miracle Blur. Warm up a little product between your fingers and press into the skin on and around your lips.

Step 3

Start by applying a wash of colour with your fingers, before lining your lips using the same product and a lip brush (we love our T-Kit for this). If you want extra volume, over-line your lips by creating a careful line just a whisper away from your natural lip line.

Step 4

When you’re happy with the outline of your lips, head back in with your brush and apply your lip shade until you have one uniform, bold colour.

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The golden glow

Looking for a natural, ethereal glow that screams I just got back from a two-week trip to Barbados? We can help with that. Whether it’s a ball gown, a tailored suit or your favourite LBD, a fresh, healthy-looking glow is the perfect sidekick to any outfit – and it couldn’t be easier…

How to create a fresh glow

Step 1

We know it sounds a little backwards, but applying a cream-based highlighter under your tinted serum or foundation gives the ultimate glow. “I call this technique ‘the glow from within’” says Katie. Tap your highlighter onto your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and your Cupid’s bow. These touches of iridescence will add dewiness and radiance to your skin.

Step 2

Next up, apply your base on top of your highlighter. Opting for a tinted serum rather than a heavy, full coverage foundation will keep your skin looking light and fresh. Apply your base using your fingers or our Complexion T-Brush and buff until seamless – don’t forget to take some product down your neck if you’re wearing a low-cut neckline too. If you’re looking for more coverage, head in for a second light layer and buff until undetectable.

Step 3

Bronzing is key to a sun-kissed, glowing look. Use a cream bronzer (such as Golden Glow) and gently buff into the skin in areas where the sun’s rays would naturally hit, such as your forehead, your cheebokes and your nose.

Step 4

Finally, add a wash of dewy colour to your lips for the glowy finishing touch.

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Party makeup checklist – the essentials you’ll need…

… While you’re getting ready

Before you start working your makeup magic, there are a few expert-approved essentials you need to keep in mind to achieve the perfect party look. “Always prep the skin” stresses Katie, “Having an amazing skincare routine in place will always help your skin look its best, with and without makeup. It’s all about looking after your canvas”. All makeup looks better when applied to happy, healthy skin, so a great skincare routine is key.

Cleansing should be the first step in your AM and PM routine, and a double cleanse in the evening is a great idea if you’ve been wearing SPF or makeup during the day. Cleansing not only gives your complexion a deep clean, but it also reveals a glowing, less congested complexion. Liquid exfoliation will whisk away any dulling dead skin cells and a serum will target any specific skin concerns, such as fine lines or dryness, that may change how makeup sits on your skin. Finally, end your skincare routine with a deeply hydrating moisturiser. “Opt for nourishing formulas to keep your skin hydrated, this will also help your makeup last longer” says Katie. Allow some time for your skincare to settle into your skin before heading in with your SPF and base makeup.

… In your bag

We’ve all been there – a smudged lip, a shiny forehead or a friend who left their concealer at home. Taking some essentials with you in your bag allows for stress-free top-ups throughout the night. Not sure what you might need? Here’s what Katie recommends…

Keep your makeup in place

If your skin is on the oily side or you know you’ll be dancing all night long, keep your makeup in place with Face Finish. Our mattifying balm helps to reduce any unwanted shine without the dusty residue of a powder. Better yet, our creamy balm doesn’t run the risk of snowing onto your outfit like a traditional loose powder.

Get up close and personal

You may not always find yourself near a mirror when you feel a touch-up is needed. Click the T-Top, our stackable magnifying mirror, onto the top of your stack to take a peek at your makeup during the night. The 3x magnification mirror lets you get up close and personal for those more precise moments – goodbye, tricky touch-ups.

Multitasking makeup

Sometimes you don’t have room to take your whole makeup look with you. That’s where a stack comes in – simply click your chosen shades together to create one streamlined tower and you’re good to go. If your outfit calls for the tiniest of bags, Katie recommends relying on multitasking makeup. “When you can’t squeeze your whole stack into your bag, using multitasking makeup can be a space-saver”, for example using the same Sheer Shimmer shade on your lips and cheeks.

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