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8th June 2018

Non invasive face lift treatment

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Founded by Inge Theron, a Financial Times Journalist known as the Spa Junkie, discovered an amazing idea of her own; FaceGym, a non-invasive facial workout. This procedure uses kneading movements to sculpt and tone your facial muscles. It focuses on promoting lymphatic drainage therefore stimulating blood circulation in turn producing more collagen.

This unique concept, is something I have always heard about and once tried I can now say that I am a complete convert. My cheekbones were more defined, my skin certainly felt healthier with no post-treatment redness and my face still felt lifted when I woke up the next day.


__Gold Derma Roller FaceGym- £30 __

FaceGym Pro- Face Tool- £429

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer- Face tool -£35



__Signature Training Serum -£70 __

__Clear Skin Training Serum -£70 __

Brightening Training Serum -£70


__Trinny London Contour- Cheekbones
Cheekbones is a product that once mastered should appear undetectable and look like the natural contour of your face.

When it comes to application there are two main themes.
Little and often
It’s all about the position…

With clean fingers feel your face and find the highest point of your cheeks at the outer edges of your face. Move your fingers slowly downwards until you feel the “dip” underneath that high point. That’s the exact spot that you will be working in. Sucking your cheeks into a classic duck face and having a quick look in a mirror whilst you do this will probably help.

Cheekbones can be applied either with fingertips or a (synthetic) brush. Personally I prefer fingers as I like the way the product works when warmed up in the fingertips. Take a small amount on the tip of your middle finger and pat it lightly in and around the area underneath your cheekbone as explained above. I find having the index finger clean and product free means that I can alternate application and blending between the two fingers without suffering from product overload.

cheekbone T-Tip

It’s better to build up intensity gently so start softly blending the product back and upwards towards the hairline. It’s important to blend it out into the hairline as the effect appears more natural as a shadow and you are not left with a telltale gap at the side of your face.
Aim for a gently sloping diagonal line keeping the concentration around the outer area of the face and bring it into the center a little stopping at the outer corner of the eye.

Cheekbones can be worn alone however finishing with your favourite Flush Blush on the front of the face and a gentle sweep of The Right Light on top of the cheekbone looks beautiful.