Hung Vanngo's effortless spring look

the ultimate fresh-face glow

I love fresh and glowing makeup, and I am so excited that the one and only international Makeup Artist Hung Vanngo has created an effortless spring look using all Trinny London products. Hung is a world-renowned New York-based MUA and the go-to for nearly every A-lister in Hollywood and beyond.

Working with German model Maya Stepper as his canvas, Hung provides the most wonderful tips on how to apply each product and how to make the most of your features. The final look is fresh-faced and glowing with a gorgeous flush of colour. I can’t wait to recreate it myself...

Lip Treat in Anna

“I use this to prep the lips. The whole idea of this makeup is applying with your fingers. That helps those who don’t have a lot of time, do everything on the go. It’s easy for you to touch up everywhere, anywhere.”

BFF De-Stress in Jemima

“It gives you beautiful, breathable coverage with a radiant finish. It’s non-greasy, non-sticky and so easy to apply.”

BFF Eye in Isabelle

“It feels and looks like skin. Everyone who knows me knows I love skincare, that's why I love this idea of this serum-concealer. It’s so light, hydrating and it’s non-greasy. It also has hyaluronic acid to give that hydration and improve the texture over time, and vitamin C to help brighten and awaken the skin.”

Golden Glow in Soala

“It’s great for you to use this when you want to get a little colour in the skin. You can use this anywhere on the face, I do it around the whole perimeter for more definition and a sun-kissed look everywhere. I want Maya to look like she’s got back from a vacation.”

Lip2Cheek in Veebee

“It’s a multitasking lip to cheek formula with a matte texture. You can use it for lips, cheeks, anywhere on the face really. It’s super easy to blend with your fingers. I’m a blusher person so I chose a brighter colour but the brand has many shades so you can choose a more mute or brighter shade.”

The Right Light in Starlight

“I add some highlight on the high cheekbones, tip of the nose and Cupid’s bow. This is more of a golden highlight, and it’s so beautiful. It looks like a glow from within which I love – it doesn’t look like heavy highlighter. Really beautiful and natural looking.”

Lip Luxe in Tashi and Swainy

“One is a more peachy, softer shade Tashi, and one more vibrant Swainy. You don’t have to use both, but I love the idea of muted on the outer parts and more vibrant on the centre. I like the idea of a soft, romantic lip look.”

Eye2Eye in Hope and Truth

“Eye2Eye is a range of moisture-enriched cream-based eye colours. It’s perfect for smudging, smoky eyes, for lines and defining – it has a lot of pigment. If you worry about eyeshadow falling everywhere, you don’t have to worry about this at all as it’s all cream and it doesn’t fall off. I use Hope all over the lid and Truth to give more depth.”

Face Finish mattifying balm

“It’s mattifying, blurring and it’s great for touch ups. This helps to matte the skin down without using powder. I use this to mattify myself and my T-Zone throughout the day or when I’m filming to touch up my face. To keep everything glowy, I just do the T-Zone area. You can use as much or as little as you want without feeling like you’re doing too much. I think it’s amazing.”