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12th October 2020

embrace a little bronzer whatever the season

Make up | Fresh faced looks

Like many of you, I haven’t been on a long holiday this year, and what I really miss is the delicious warmth of glowing, healthy holiday skin. But armed with our bestselling Trinny London glow-getters, I’m going to show you how I achieve that healthy look while at home.

The star of this show is our cream-based bronzer, Golden Glow, in Gaia, which truly is a holiday in a pot. I swipe it onto my cheekbones and my nose – places where the sun would naturally hit – for some warmth and sun-kissed definition. Then I take our highlighter, The Right Light, and apply it strategically at the points where light would reflect off of my skin. The trick is that you only catch a glimpse of it when you turn your face and get that subtle flash of luminosity.

Finish off with a wash of Lip Glow in Bella – the best, neutral shade of lip gloss ever – and my secret for a little extra glow? A tiny smidgeon of highlighter right on the centre of my lips.

There you have it ladies and boys, my sun-kissed summer stack…