Silver Makeup Look

with rae morris

The thing I miss most about being in Australia, apart from all the lovely women I met, is my makeup artist Rae Morris. She is a ray of sunshine, and a fountain of makeup knowledge, I always learn so much from her masterclasses.

For my base, Rae used BFF in Light- Medium, finished with BFF Eye in Reda and Just a Touch in Trintron. Both Rae and I adore covering our imperfections, instead of our complexions. I believe it’s important to let your skin be seen… freckles, scars and birth marks make us unique, and should be celebrated. I love the way Rae buffs the product onto my skin with her divine brushes - adding coverage only where I need it.

To compliment my sparkly outfit, Rae chose Wisdom and Desire for my eyes. These colours add drama and depth to my eyes whilst making them ‘pop’. Rae finishes my eye makeup by taking a small amount of Trintron on her brush and blending it upwards from the corner of my eye to my hairline. It’s a fabulous trick that creates the same effect as a high ponytail. It makes my skin look more youthful and I feel more confident.

I adore the way Rae pays attention to the shape of every woman’s face to enhance their features. To define my cheekbones, Rae blended Kate into the hollows of my cheeks, but she also explained how clever contouring can alter the shape of your face, depending on its placement and how well you blend it.

To add an element of freshness and bring some colour back to my face, she added Flush Blush in Schmoogie onto the apples of my cheeks. And to keep the attention on my eyes, Rae chose a mix of Eugenie and Lyla for a subtle nude lip. A delightful makeup look to end my trip in Sydney… If only I could take Rae back to London with me...


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