Stack Hack: Bronze & Sculpt

say hello to your cheekbones

Golden Glow in Soala and Cheekbones in Kate are my dynamic duo for bronzing and sculpting. Though Golden Glow is primarily a bronzer, I find that mixing it with a dark contouring product creates a softer shade that is much more subtle to contour with. Feeling where my cheekbones begin right near my ears, I use this as a judge of where to add my contour. Kate is my perfect shade as it creates a soft shadow that doesn’t make my jawline look harsh or sunken.

Contour doesn't have to begin and end with the cheekbones. Start by rubbing your darker shade into your hair line to bring the face and forehead forward. This Stack Hack is all about pulling the face upwards and forward to make your features that bit more structured so I never overdo it as I prefer a natural looking enhancement.

My final tip is to take that combination of Golden Glow and Cheekbones to the eyes to create a defined indentation. A simple trick like this lifts the eye immediately and makes your bone structure just a little bit more sculpted.

So ladies and boys why not try this stack hack yourself and say goodbye to complicated contour...