SPF 50+ Moisturiser

See The Light

For those in New Zealand – we haven’t forgotten you!

The next-generation UV filters we’ve used for See The Light aren’t yet available where you are. We want you to have the absolute best, so we’re working hard on a powerful, weightless formula just for you.


Moisturised, protected skin


All skin types, including sensitive


Premature ageing and sun damage


Absorbs instantly + zero white cast



This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Routine step:
AM cleanse/serum/moisturise/SPF

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Sculpt + Protect Set

Sculpt, smooth and protect your neck and décolleté with our powerful pairing


Prevents premature ageing

Our innovative UVA filters have a PA++++ rating, meaning they give super high levels of protection against UVA rays, responsible for premature lines, pigmentation and loss of elasticity. In short, A is for ageing

Protects against sun damage

To complete our broad-spectrum protection, we’ve used next-generation UVB filters for SPF 50+ protection against direct sun damage – B is for burning

Shields against weather and pollution

Antioxidants from white tea leaf extract provide an added layer of protection to help shield your skin from the elements

Moisturises for 24 hours

Enriched with raspberry leaf extract, our formula is clinically proven to give instant and long-lasting hydration, so whatever the weather, your skin feels its best

Your See The Light FAQs

There’s room for both products in your routine…

BFF SPF 30 Cream is our glow-boosting skin perfector – once applied it provides a subtle, tinted glow and is the perfect, luminous base for the rest of your makeup routine (with the added benefit of SPF 30 protection).

See The Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser provides a higher level of broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays (SPF 50+, PA ++++) than BFF SPF 30 Cream, and is the final step of your skincare routine. It’s enriched with skincare ingredients that help to hydrate and restore the skin's natural defences – once applied it absorbs instantly and leaves no trace.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a hot, sunny climate for an extended period of time, we recommend reapplying every two hours.

Don’t be shy with See The Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser – apply four pumps to your face and neck, and then massage two pumps into your décolleté for added protection.

See The Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser is the final step of your AM skincare routine, to protect you against sun damage, weather and pollution during the day. Apply your moisturiser first, depending on how your skin is feeling. Let See The Light dry down before heading in with your makeup.

Every + on your product represents how much protection it offers from UVA rays – this can range from PA+ (some UVA protection) to PA++++ (extremely high UVA protection). See The Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser is formulated with advanced UVA filters and provides PA++++, one of the highest possible levels of protection to help prevent premature lines, pigmentation and loss of elasticity

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and measures the protection against burning from exposure to UVB rays. SPF 50 provides about 98% protection against UVB rays.

If you use the recommended four pumps of See The Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser, once a day, every day, your 50ml tube should last around 2 months.