BFF De-Stress: the science

let's unpack the ingredients

I have been obsessed with the effects of stress on my skin for years. I feel I can tell immediately when my skin is stressed as it becomes dull, grey and in the mornings I wake up feeling and looking “blah” rather than well-rested. This is why the formulation of BFF De-Stress was so important to me.

The Trinny London R&D team and I thought long and hard about which ingredients and complexes could efficiently tackle both the short and long-term effects of stress on the skin. I have tried an enormous amount of products that claim to make skin brighter and more radiant, but until now, I hadn’t found any that came close to achieving the results I wanted. This is why I’m so excited about our formula. Skin feels instantly gorgeous and improves over time… So for those of you who want to get your teeth into the science, see below for the full breakdown of our first-of-its-kind skincare-led tinted serum, BFF De-Stress…

Why did we formulate BFF De-Stress?

Our skin is more stressed than ever. As a response to tiredness, tension, HEV light (increased screen time), lack of sleep, poor diet and pollution, our skin is constantly producing stress-fighting hormones including cortisol. When stress is constant, our cortisol production doesn’t switch off, and our skin ends up without enough recovery time at night, resulting in a slowing down of our skin’s regeneration processes. We wake up looking tired, dull, fatigued, and over time, we start to age faster.

What's the science behind it?

Our unique scientifically proven NP-TriOX™ technology combines 5 times the average active concentration of Neurophroline™ (NP). This concentration means your skin is able to manage stress during the day at an optimal level, while also allowing it the capacity to regenerate efficiently at night. Neurophroline™ boosts the skin’s antioxidant balance and neutralises free radicals from pollution, smoke, HEV and UV rays. Long-lasting protection continues to improve and transform your skin over time, making skin look fresher and brighter as the day goes on.

Our triple broad-spectrum antioxidant complex (TriOX) is composed of oil-soluble vitamin C, plant antioxidants and vitamin E analog. Together they regulate cortisol production and protect the skin from cell damage and daily life stressors – like psychological stress, tension, poor diet and increased screen time.

Our next-generation hyaluronic acid is composed of low and high molecular weight incorporated in filling micro-spheres. The micro-spheres penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and absorb the water that evaporates from the deep dermis. They inflate, increase their volume and consequently leave the skin feeling plump and improve the skin’s hydration.