How to use Just A Touch for coverage exactly where you want it

Adding Just A Touch to your basket? This handy guide will help you make the most of your base.

What is Just A Touch?

Part foundation, part concealer, Just A Touch is the 2-in-1 product you can rely on to deliver targeted coverage wherever you want it. Of all The Trinny London base products, Just A Touch is packed with the most pigment, making it perfect for concealing redness, covering spots and disguising pigmentation.

Is Just A Touch good for all skin types?

“Just a Touch is suitable for all skin types,” says Katie Levy, Pro Makeup Artist at Trinny London. “It’s so adaptable and as it warms beautifully on your skin it’s really easy to build up the coverage you want. If you have oily skin, it will cover without making your skin look or feel greasy. If you’re on the dry side, the cream texture means it won’t cling. Ultimately it’s a really great formula for using on everyone's skin.” If you have oily skin and find that you end up with more shine than you’d like by mid-afternoon, you can layer a little Trinny London Face Finish on over your Just A Touch. “Just press it over the top with your fingers or use a brush and buff it over,” adds Katie.

Can you use Just A Touch on dark circles?

“I think Just A Touch is most beneficial around the eyes for someone who has deep set eyes or very dark circles,” says Katie. “BFF Eye would be my first port of call, and is amazing to hydrate, brighten and conceal but if someone is finding that’s just not enough then they can go in with Just A Touch.” Just be wary that firstly, the skin around the eye area is delicate (which means no rubbing or tugging) and secondly, that it’s quite easy to go too heavy around the eye. Placement is key, as is a slow approach and light touch.

“Most of the time dark circles are deepest in the inner corners of the eyes so start there,” explains Katie. They tend to lighten as they progress towards the outer edge of the eye. “Using your ring finger or a concealer brush, dab a little product into the inner corner of your eye and tap to build.” Concentrate the majority of the colour between the inner corner of the eye and the pupil (both above and below the eye) softening and blending out to the corners. A good reason to avoid layering too much product at the outer corners of your eyes is that this is where expression and fine lines sit, and will only make them more visible. Makeup artists are divided on whether you should apply concealer or foundation first, so ultimately it's down to personal preference.

How to apply Just A Touch: A step-by-step guide

Not sure how to apply Just A Touch? Follow our artist-approved guide:

Step 1

Take the product and warm it between your fingertips

Step 2

Dot the product onto the skin in the areas where you want the most coverage.

Step 3

Using either your finger or a brush, buff and blend until it’s no longer visible where the product ends and your skin begins.

Step 4

If needed, repeat the process until you have reached your desired level of coverage.

“Remember, a little goes a long way,” adds Katie. “Build up the coverage you desire with a small amount first, then step back in the mirror and see if it’s enough. If you’re just concentrating on one area and sitting very close to the mirror, you can put too much on.”

Find your perfect shade of Just A Touch

We refined the shade range for Just A Touch, so if you’re a long-time customer, you may find that yours has changed. The best way to decipher which of our 25 stretchable shades of Just A Touch is right for you? Using our Match2Me tool. It takes your skin tone, hair and eye colour into account to generate a personalised palette of shades guaranteed to suit you. Or, if you already know your skin tone, you can follow the guide below:


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