Rethink Your Routine: Episode I

guerilla makeovers

How often ladies do you rethink your routine?

I went to the Duke of York Square in Chelsea with ChaCha and John to give guerrilla makeovers to ladies who want to look their best.

It's amazing how in a group of 20 or 30 people, I'll always find some of the following: a tired mum who has no time to pur herself first, teenage girls who hide behind a mask of heavy makeup and don't need to, women who've never really worn makeup and don't know how to start and ladies who are in a routine that they're really stuck in but don't know how to change.

Alice from Belfast is a gorgeous girl who had clearly perfected her makeup routine, but I saw her makeup before I saw her. While ChaCha made Alice’s eyes pop, John removed the thick base of foundation that was a little too dark and hiding her unbelievably flawless skin and replaced it with our BFF skin perfecting cream, to give a subtle, radiance to her skin. For the coverage element that Alice had been wearing, John used our Just a Touch in Amelia on select areas. In less than 10 minutes, we’d given her a fresh, glow-y look by accentuating her beautiful, young skin rather than covering it.

Natasha, is a working mum who often wears powdered makeup and heavy foundation all over her enviable porcelain skin. We wanted to keep her skin looking fresh and plump with a little coverage using our miracle working BFF cream. JUST A TOUCH toned down Natasha’s redness and hormonal breakouts from having children, without covering her whole complexion.

The look on Natasha’s face on seeing her reflection says it all - confident and radiant.


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