Trinny Talks: BFF De-Stress

a true first-of-its-kind

I have spent years trying to figure out how to reduce the signs of stress on my skin – when I feel stressed, the first place that I always notice it is on my face. It’s taken me three years to develop the formula that is now BFF De-Stress. Our first-of-its-kind tinted serum is packed with so many skincare ingredients, it’s a true skincare-makeup hybrid that delivers the long-term benefits of a serum all while providing radiant coverage.

The formula is called NP-TriOXTM – the NP stands for NeurophrolineTM which is a phenomenal ingredient that has been scientifically proven to neutralise the effects of excess cortisol (your stress hormone) on the skin. Then there’s the antioxidant complex which fights against free radicals such as digital HEV light and pollution, those everyday external stressors that can wreak havoc on your skin. Finally, we have our next-generation hyaluronic acid which has a beautiful, instant plumping effect on the skin.

BFF De-Stress is an incredibly exciting and innovative addition to the Trinny London family...