Meet BFF Rebalance

our new tinted serum with benefits

You no longer need to choose between coverage and healthy-looking skin – welcome you to the world of BFF Rebalance, our innovative serum-foundation.

This powerhouse hybrid looks like a foundation but feels (and works) like skincare, formulated with skin-loving ingredients that will keep your complexion happy without compromising on coverage.

The unique combination of active ingredients helps your skin find its balance – niacinamide helps to control blemishes, and chlorella vulgaris extract helps to reduce excess oil. Soothing avocado extract ensures your skin doesn’t dry out, while noni bioactives help preserve the microbiome (a whole community of organisms that live on the skin), which is essential for avoiding blemishes.

Whether you want a soft matte finish for the evening or buildable, shine-reducing coverage that lasts all day (farewell, 3pm forehead shine), this is coverage that cares for your complexion.

So, ladies and boys – are you ready to help your skin find its rebalance?

BFF Rebalance shade grid for blog 2