What the T? Episode 5

Dublin edition

What the T? is here for a very special Dublin edition. From the 5th - 10th of November, we took over a townhouse in Dublin for a week and in true Trinny London style, we brought fun, chaos and lots of positivity. It was a stupendous week and I left wondering when we would be going back…

I arrived in Dublin just off the back of our trip to Australia and was greeted by a team who were well in the throws of meeting all our Irish ladies - both new and old to the brand - a house that had been sprinkled with some yellow Trinny London magic, a bright and brilliant YELLOW door and lots and lots of… rain. I mean, the jokes about Irish weather really are true, my slightly wild hair can testify to this.

It was a joy to meet as many of you as I possibly could, either at the house or at events. I also had the privilege of speaking and sharing my personal story at the ‘Look the Business’ event, hosted by The Gloss magazine. It was an inspiring evening with over 1,500 women and it really encouraged me to maintain an open mindset and never limit the potential of Trinny London.

Each and every person comes to Trinny London for their own reason, whether it be a bit of self-love or because they have reached a moment of transition in their lives. My main motivation with Trinny London, is to continue to create a brand that makes everyone feel included, confident and capable of anything.

I never want to go anywhere and not own the space that Trinny London exists in and the message we are communicating, which is why we decided to do our pop-up in a fabulous townhouse on Merrion Square. It was not without its challenges and it took an army of people to make it feel homely and welcoming. However, in true Irish spirit, no request was too big or too small and we collaborated with some of the most fantastic women to make it all happen.

Arlene McIntyre, Creative Director of Ventura Interior Design

TRINNY CHAIRS, need I say more? Arlene created two fantastic bespoke Trinny chairs in our brand colours and adorned both those and all the sofas in the house with some of the heaviest and most luxurious cushions I have ever felt… Together we hosted a breakfast with some of Arlene’s friends and clients and they were all testament to the fabulous business ethic and kindness of Arlene. It was a joy, not to mention the fact that the Trinny chairs travelled across the sea and are now sat proudly in our Jubilee office…

Arlene chairs

Arlene and Trinny

Claire Hanley, Claire Hanley Catering

The wonderful, understated Claire. Somehow Shannon convinced Claire to cater for all of our events in the Townhouse with such tight turn arounds and an endlessly busy kitchen (you Irish ladies really can see off several mugs of tea… ) The food was divine, and the whole team was eyeing it up from the moment it was laid out on bespoke Trinny London trays… I couldn’t speak about Claire without thanking her for saving me on a particularly rainy day in Dublin. I couldn’t get a taxi from my hotel so Claire sent her amazing driver Caeser to collect me in his white van. He zoomed me down to the house at LIGHTNING speed and literally saved the day!

Claire Hanley


Glam Doll Mirrors

Every single mirror in the house was provided by the wonderful women at Glam Doll mirrors. They came and installed all of them, fitted with USB ports AND bluetooth to play music. I can’t have an event without some good music (for those of you who watch my lives you’ll know how important a good tune is…especially when massaging your face…) The mirrors and the beautiful lighting they gave off made the rooms look absolutely spectacular.



Shearer candles

The smell…the million dollar question that I think every Trinny London team member must have been asked about 100 times… Our gorgeous candles that made the house smell of the freshest lemons were from Shearer candles. They kindly gave us clear yellow candle holders so that we could add our own branding to them. You’ll smell them in all our makeup rooms too and around our HQ on Jubilee Place.


Appassionata Flowers

Finally, Appassionata flowers adorned all the mantle pieces with the most decadent white orchids and came to check up on them in the middle of the week - every one of them looked beautiful and were the pièce de résistance…


So, a very big thank you Dublin, from me and the Trinny London team.

Trinny W Dublin


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