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28th August 2018


How To Do Your Match2Me

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The Match2Me system was designed because I wanted women to be able to buy makeup online seamlessly and accurately. When I used to go to beauty counters I would often walk out with the wrong shade of foundation or bronzer for my skin tone… Match2Me focuses on really picking the right colours for your personal skin, hair and eye combination.

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Start by choosing your eye colour. If you’re not quite sure and you think your eye is blue-green or grey-blue, always choose the first colour that you say. So in these instances choose blue for blue-green and grey for grey-blue.

Then comes your hair colour. First choose your hair colour family and thereafter choose the right hair colour nuance. So for me I know I’m a bronde and then between bronde and tawny bronde I can see with the photos that I’m a bronde.

To select your skin tone start with your skin colour family ranging from lightest to dark. Then within that, select the right tone. To help you with this we have a curation of videos with real women explaining their own skin tone and you can choose the one with which you associate yourself with most.

You are then given a selection of women who have the same combination as you so that you can inspire yourself with makeup looks suited to you.

You also get a selection of all the products that are perfectly suited to your skin, hair and eye combination.

Voila! Now do your own MATCH2ME and see what products are perfect for you!

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