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Trinny LondonTrinny London
Trinny LondonTrinny London
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28th March 2019

Natalie Workout I

Natalie puts me through a workout to build strength and stamina

Health | Exercise

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I've been working with Natalie now for 3 weeks and I've started to notice the changes to my body which really inspires me to carry on.
I'm seeing Natalie 3 times a week, our workout is pilates based with a little bit of cardio. When you're doing pilates properly you really feel a deep burn so listen to Natalie's advice if you workout with me, which I'm hoping you all are..

All of the equipment used can be found on Amazon, but if you don't want to splurge, get creative, use a cushion between your knees instead of a foam roller, lift bottles of water instead of weights. If you're going to buy anything, get the resistance bands. They will really make a diffrence to your workout.

Products used:

Gritin Resistance Bands(£5.99)

Intey Exercise Bands (£29.99)

SONGMICS Set of 2 Dumbbells Weights (£14.99)

VLFit Foam Roller (£9.99)

Reebok Step (£83.68)


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