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Trinny London
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7th October 2020

Fabulous Four: Daytime Moisturisers

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Skincare | Fab 4

Today we’re talking moisturisers, your common-or-garden variety day creams that serve as a lovely finish at the end of your skincare routine. If your skin is really, very dry then a solution to that may be introducing a hyaluronic, beta-hydroxy or poly-hydroxy acid into your regime to remove dead skin cells. If you’re just looking for a final, indulgent moment before starting the day, these fab four formulas are for you…

First up is Plantastic Deep Nourishing Moisture Balm by Beauty Pie (£10.75 for members and £50 non-members)
Packed with hydrating jojoba oil, nourishing murumuru butter and lots of naturally derived ingredients, this formula penetrates easily, leaving your skin lovely and soft.

Next we have one of my absolute staples, Lait-Crème Concentre by Embryolisse (£12.99 - £22).
I have been using this French pharmacy classic for years and years; the formula is basic but reliable. Packed with proteins and aloe barbadensis, this cream works to soothe and feels nourishing on the skin – as an added bonus, I like to use it as a hydrating hand cream too.

Then we have Revitalising Day Lotion by Dr Hauschka (£22).
I’ve used this product for 30 years and the formula has not changed since the day it was born. The consistency is very light and liquidy, but it’s still incredibly hydrating – perfect for dry and dehydrated skin. The formula contains anti-inflammatory anthills extract and carrot, which is a great source of carotene. The scent is lovely and nurturing, which allows for a moment of indulgence when you apply it.

My fourth moisturiser is Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture by Murad (£60).
Murad is a dermatologist-led brand and its products are formulated with great levels of effective ingredients – so don’t be put off by a lack of fragrance. Lightweight, oil-based and packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and coconut oil extract, this one is a fantastic all-rounder.

I’ve squeezed in a fifth option today, Supreme Day Cream by Dr Sebagh. It was nearly too expensive (£145 – killer!), but I include it because you can now get 50% off if you buy it without the packaging, which I think is just such an inspired idea (contact [email protected] to redeem this discount).
I remember how many years Dr Sebagh spent formulating these products, because he’s such a perfectionist, like myself. The Supreme Day Cream contains resveratrol which is an amazing antioxidant that helps with the reduction of inflammation and redness on your skin. Slightly pink and with a rose-like scent, this cream feels silken and soft – leaving your skin looking beautiful and hydrated.

So there you have it ladies and boys, four fab moisturisers plus something a little extra special…