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8th October 2020

Fabulous Four: SPFs

a vital part of every routine

Skincare | Fab 4

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Today’s Fabulous Four is all about SPF, an essential component of any skincare regime. If you don’t currently use an SPF, I would encourage you to consider incorporating one. Ideally applied at the end of your routine, there are so many different formulas to choose from – there are those that contain physical barriers, such as titanium dioxide and zinc, to stop sun rays penetrating your skin, as well as formulas that have synthetic or chemical elements which reflect the rays back. Suitable for both teens and adults alike, these are some of my absolute favourites (with one extra, because I just couldn’t resist)…

First up is Solaire Cleanance SPF 50+ by Avéne (£17.50). Perfect for oily or blemish-prone skin, this chemical SPF offers protection from both UVA and UVB. The texture is really nice – more of an emulsion than a cream – and it dries matte, leaving a lovely, light fragrance.

Next, we have Ultra Shield SPF 50 by Epionce (£31). I came across this SPF in a doctor’s office after having a laser treatment – it’s an incredibly effective, broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides both physical and chemical protection. Very good for sensitive and inflamed skin, the formula is light, sheer and absorbs well.

The third is Airgel Foam by Heliocare (£31). This is the suncream I probably use on every holiday and the one you’ve likely heard me speak about the most. It’s a non-comedogenic formula packed with vitamin C and ferulic acid. Those added little skincare benefits are the reason why I love this SPF so much. It has a gorgeous, glowy finish and I feel that it just gives your skin life whilst providing protection.

Next up is Eclipse SPF 50+ by iS Clinical (£32). iS Clinical is a truly innovative brand, they’re always looking for new and interesting ingredients to ensure that their formulas are performing at the optimum level. This SPF is an all-physical and water-resistant, UVA and UVB protector that works wonders.

Finally, we’ve got Ultra Facial Defence SPF50+ by SkinCeuticals. £41. This is a pure, 100% mineral, broad-spectrum sunscreen. This formula is also enriched with vitamin E, and offers a sheer as well as a tinted option. Requires a little more massage to blend it into the skin, but once it’s in the protection provides a real physical block.

Featured Trinny London Products