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Trinny London
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17th February 2020

kick-start your morning in 30 mins

Health | Exercise

When I can, I love to begin the morning with a burst of energy, but sometimes time isn’t on my side, or I have slept through my alarm… like this morning. Fortunately Nathalie is here to help me complete a 30 minute speedy workout routine that you can do anywhere. I might even inflict it on the office...

Sometimes if you think you only have half an hour you might not bother, but this video shows that it’s so worth making the effort. It’s impressive to see you can get as much done in 30 minutes as you can in an hour.

Even though we’re doing a speedy workout today, we still begin with stretching because I know I can damage myself if I don’t stretch a tiny bit first. I also missed my pre-workout breakfast this morning because I have run out of my go-to food and I am feeling it… just a little bit of food is crucial to get my body working.

After more than a few mountain climbers, I feel mobile, active and able to conquer the world…