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Trinny London
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16th October 2020

get even with your complexion

Make up | Fresh faced looks

Today I want to talk about how to cover your skin when it’s red and feeling inflamed. My skin is especially red today because I’ve had a Fractional Radio Frequency treatment with Teresa Tarmey, but if you suffer from rosacea or a similar kind of redness, then you may find my tips and tricks especially helpful.

I’ll always start with BFF SPF 30 Cream as the sun protection is particularly important after I’ve had a treatment on my skin. As you apply BFF SPF 30, the formula will even out your skin tone and the extract of porcelain flower will work to actively reduce redness. I’ll then build on this base with some heavier coverage, using our 2-in-1 foundation and concealer Just A Touch. Typically I’ll only apply Just A Touch in the places I need it most, but today I’m going to use it all over, starting with the reddest sections of my face, for a really flawless finish. I apply my base using my fingers so that I’m totally in control of the coverage and how far the product melds into my skin. A brush can sometimes be quite harsh on sensitive skin, so when your skin is feeling inflamed the warmth of your fingers is a gentle way to diffuse product seamlessly into your skin. I like to keep building up my coverage slowly, really focusing where I need it most, then blending out towards the edges of my face for a seamless, tide-mark free finish. To treat the redness around my eyes I use BFF Eye, our serum-concealer hybrid, to calm and cover that delicate area.

When your skin is inflamed, pores can become enlarged, so I will also very gently tap on Miracle Blur to blur those visible pores away and mattify any unwanted shine.

When it comes to adding colour, what I don’t want to do is echo the redness of my skin in my makeup (hence why a red lip is an instant veto). So I’ve chosen cool, neutral tones to counteract that inflammation. Eugenie is a neutral, cool-pink shade of Lip Luxe with no redness in it at all, and so I use it to reintroduce some colour to my complexion. Eyes wise, I want to maintain that cool palette and also draw attention away from any lingering redness on my cheeks, so I use Eye2Eye in Desire – a lovely, natural brown – and lashings of mascara to really add emphasis and depth to my eyes. To finish I’ll tap our satin-finish highlighter, The Right Light, to the high points of my face to instantly illuminate my complexion with a subtle glow.

There we have it ladies and boys, not a trace of redness but I don’t feel like I’m wearing a heavy base. It’s no-makeup makeup that prioritises your natural glow...