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Trinny London
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18th October 2020

Fabulous Four: Exfoliating Masks

say goodbye to dull skin

Skincare | Fab 4

Today on Fab Four I’m talking exfoliating masks: what they are and why we need them.

An exfoliating mask will contain either acids or enzymes and they’re excellent at removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin perfectly prepped for the lovely hardworking active ingredients in your serums. If you think your skin is looking a little dull and tired, these formulas will do wonders…

I’m going to start off with the most accessible, and fab, which is BioActive & Berry Fruit Enzyme Mask by Andalou (£9.99). This mask uses enzymes from apple, lemon and cranberry, and when you apply it you’re going to feel a little bit of a tingle as the formula gets to work, so I would say that it’s not suited for those with very sensitive skin.

Next up is my newest mask, Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask by Ren (£36). I love this one and it uses mainly lactic acid, as well as glycolic acid, which are particularly good ingredients for oily skin. There’s not much tingle but it does leave the skin with the most gorgeous glow.

Now, you know how much I love Dr Sebagh and I’ve been using his products for many many years. The Deep Exfoliating Mask (£59 or £29 without a box) is one of the very first products that I tried, and it's been a staple of mine for many years. This mask contains lactic acid and the anti-inflammatory azelaic acid, making it a perfect option for those with scarring or spotty skin.

Finally, I used this mask for about 6 years and I’ve only recently reintroduced it into my routine – the Glyco Extreme Peel by Natura Bissé is an eye-watering £230, but for those of you mad about skincare this mask contains five different AHAs – glycolic, malic, tartaric, citric and lactic. This mask really annihilates dead skin cells and completely resurfaces the skin. So start slowly, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin.

The most important thing to remember is, if you deeply exfoliate your skin, then your other skincare products will be able to penetrate more effectively. The result, ladies and boys? A tremendous, otherworldly glow…