Trinny and Lyla get ready together

bonding at its best

This video was filmed to celebrate a very special day, UK Mother’s Day. It’s always an opportunity to celebrate those special relationships we share with our mothers, daughters and treasured women around us.

To spend some quality time together, Lyla and I decided to do our makeup together, and yes, being the age she is, Lyla is very fond of Glossier…

Still, we both start off with two pumps of BFF Cream (thank God she uses some Trinny London) which is especially important for me as I did microneedling the day before which meant my skin was a little more red than usual. Lyla (or as I call her, Bunny) usually only wears makeup when she leaves the house so what we’re both doing today is a simple no makeup makeup look with the aim of looking even-toned, fresh and well.

For a little more coverage while still keeping the look natural, I use Just A Touch in Trintron and Lyla uses BFF Eye everywhere as she likes its active ingredients and glowy finish. Next I use Miracle Blur, a stack must, to blur and smooth the acne scars around my mouth. Like many teenagers, Lyla can suffer from an oily T-Zone so she uses my Face Finish to take away any excess shine.

Lyla likes to look more bronzed than I do, so she starts to use Benefit bronzer in the hairline and over her cheekbones. She is perhaps a little heavy-handed with this, so I step in with our gel-based bronzer in Soala and it gives a much more glowy, natural result (even Lyla agreed on this...).

When it comes to the lips, I want a natural lip shade with a little bit of pop so I use Chloe and VeeBee Lip2Cheeks with Lip Treat in Anna for added hydration. Then I apply Anna onto the apples of my cheeks for extra glow.

A bit of Eye2Eye in Wisdom makes my eyes pop and appear more blue and I then attempt some Stila blue liquid eyeliner on Bunny. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up an eyeliner brush and regrettably it wasn’t my finest work but I love the look Bunny is going for. A bit of Eyeko brow gel for me and Glossier brow gel for Lyla and we’re finished with our everyday makeup looks.

So ladies, consider doing your makeup with someone you love, even if it’s via Google Hangouts or Facetime. I’ll guarantee you pick up a trick or two on the way...


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