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Trinny London
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5th October 2020

natural glow only

Make up | Fresh faced looks

If your skin in need of a holiday, a bronzer should be your go-to. Golden Glow is a gel-based bronzer that takes your old one dimensional fake tan to the next level. Three different shades for varying tan types, this hero product is the best option for when you want to look naturally radiant but not overdone.

Jensta is the perfect shade for a slight enhancement of your complexion — think walk in the park on a hot summer’s day. For a warmer complexion that really gives a healthy glow, Gaia is the best option. It creates a soft toffee sheen on the skin that makes you look sun-kissed and fabulous. If you desire a deep tan or the ultimate bronzed look, Golden Glow in Soala delivers. A rich chestnut bronze, you can build this shade up for that two-week long holiday glow.

Don’t forget to blend into your neck so your tan covers all bases and dab a little extra on the nose like I do to create a true ‘back from holiday’ glow.

Whether you are building up to create a dimensional tan or just want to add that little bit of extra warmth to your complexion, Golden Glow is your very own sunshine in a pot…