Pink lip masterclass

red lips, move over

How do you feel about a pink lip? My first foray into fuchsia was many years ago when I would pair a Miss Selfridge frosted-pink lip with lots of fake tan, and it’s fair to say that the combination was fairly dreadful – so I avoided wearing a pink lip for a long time after that. That is until a Makeup Artist showed me that actually, pink is one of the most youthful and flattering colours you can wear on your lips. It’s incredible how a pink lip colour can just soften your entire complexion.

If you haven’t yet delved into a pink lip, now is the time to try something new. One thing to remember is that when you have a colour on your lip, it’s important to balance the rest of your complexion. So if you’re wearing a very pale, soft-pink lip, balance it out with a smokier eye and a flush of blusher to warm your cheeks. If you choose a brighter, cool-toned pink like our Lip Glow in Indi, pair it with a similarly cool wash of something metallic and silvery on the eyes.

For what I like to call “synergy makeup”, apply our multitasking Sheer Shimmer in Dido –a sorbet-soft pink – on your lips and cheeks to add colour and glow all in one go. Lip Love in Sacha is another fabulous colour for creating this kind of synergy. It’s a punchy, pearlescent coral that complements so many different combinations of hair, skin and eye colour.

For those of you wanting to create a fuller-looking lip, try concentrating the colour in the centre and paint a line straight across your cupid’s bow for a look that’s a little more modern.

Everyone deserves to experience the joy of a pink lip – complete your Match2Me to discover your best-suited colours, then you can decide on the texture, the density and the mood...