Red lip masterclass

a statement for every occasion

It is no secret that I have always been a little bit fearful of a red lip however I know that they can be a real mood booster once you’ve chosen the rightshade for you. Some prep beforehand gives me all the confidence I need to wear a strong red lip and embrace the presence it creates.

I always begin with Miracle Blur as it simply smooths all appearance of fine lip lines so the colour sits perfectly once applied.

It is important to note that a red lipstick is such a statement that the rest of the face has to be balanced so nothing is fighting with the boldness of the red. I always opt for a soft cheek and a neutral or sheer eye look which is why Eye2Eye in Fortune or Sun are the ideal shades for giving a light wash of colour that does not detract from the lips.

Shades such as Sheer Shimmer in Mama are faultless if you want a more vibrant lip but didn't want to delve right into the red palette. Shimmer always brings out the sparkle in your eyes which is a statement in itself regardless of how red the lip truly is. For a more natural yet full-looking lip, Lip2Cheek in Rossy is fabulous as it is a bold and fun shade yet has a creamy consistency that allows for your natural lip texture to shine through. Dabbing a little onto the cheeks really takes the look to a whole new level so your palette goes from neutral to wide awake. For a more modern red lip, Lip Luxe in Swainy is the ultimate tomato-red stack staple. Its brightness is incredibly uplifting and if swiped across the Cupid’s bow for a more French application, the lips look fuller and shapely. Simply stunning…

Adding a glow such as Lip Glow in Tallis to the cheeks puffs them out for a healthy radiance to amplify the richness of the palette. Remember to swipe any residue from your teeth and you will be red lip ready...


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