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Trinny London
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9th November 2021

The Deep Dive Show: Retinols

everything you need to know

Experts | Skincare | Skincare experts

I’ve been using retinols to treat my complexion since I was sixteen years old – and yet, there’s still so much to know about this wildly popular skincare ingredient. I thought it was about time I took a deep dive into the world of retinol, so I caught up with our fabulous Chief Innovation Officer, Claire, for some expert advice.

There are so many different derivatives of retinol (also known as vitamin A) on the market, from retinoids to retinals to retinyls and beyond – it’s enough to send even the most skincare-savvy among us into a spin. Luckily Claire comes to our rescue as she takes me through the differences in strength, quality and price while explaining what each type can do for our skin and how.

Retinol is a strong ingredient and overdoing it can cause a lot of irritation, so the most important thing here is to really listen to your skin. But if you know what to look for and you choose carefully, retinol is one of the very best ingredients for truly transforming your skin. So don’t be scared, ladies and boys – get inspired and find the right retinol for you...