Retinal/Niacinamide Serum

Overnight Clarity

Stressed skin ages faster. Our multitasking nighttime serum accelerates skin repair and recovery while you sleep to target the 10 signs* of daily stress, including uneven texture, blotchiness and fine lines. Wake up to healthier, more youthful-looking skin. The appearance of our skin fluctuates depending on life’s stressors (that never-ending to-do list, for example).

Our most potent formula harnesses the power of retinal, niacinamide and azelaic acid to give you a great skin day, every day…


Visibly smooth, even, youthful skin


All skin types


Fine lines, texture, redness + pigmentation


Targets impact of stress

This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Routine step:
PM cleanse/serum/moisturise
Always use an SPF in the mornings when using a retinoid
Remember: retinals are a no-go if you're pregnant or breastfeeding

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Speeds up recovery of stressed skin

Epi-On® helps to accelerate tissue repair, improving skin health on a cellular level

Boosts skin longevity

Niacinamide boosts NAD+ (a coenzyme linked to metabolism) to activate longevity genes that can slow down the ageing process

Visibly reduces fine lines

Our faster-working retinal brings fresher, clearer skin to the surface, visibly reducing fine lines and dark marks

Visibly reduces marks

Glycine-bonded azelaic acid helps to brighten hyperpigmentation and soothe angry, stressed-out complexions

Visibly smooths skin

The ultimate skin superfood, chlorella vulgaris, feeds only the friendly microbiome on your skin, helping to smooth and renew your complexion


How does Overnight Clarity help stressed-out skin?*

Overnight Clarity accelerates skin repair and recovery to target signs of daily stress – here’s how…

  1. Clinically proven to significantly reduce five types of wrinkles
  2. Boosts radiance
  3. Smooths skin texture
  4. Evens skin tone
  5. Reduces visible sun damage
  6. Reduces dark marks
  7. Reduces visible pores
  8. Minimises shine
  9. Clarifies skin and helps to prevent breakouts
  10. Hydrates for 24 hours

Application tips

How to use Overnight Clarity Retinal/Niacinamide Serum

  1. Apply one pump to your face as part of your evening routine, avoiding your eye area (after cleansing)

  2. Use twice a week and gently build up to nightly use. Always listen to your skin and use less frequently if you experience any irritation

  3. Remember, consistent use will give you the best results

  4. SPF is your BFF: when using a retinoid it’s important to use an SPF like our BFF SPF 30 Cream every morning to keep your skin protected

  5. You’ll notice that our formulation is yellow – this is down to the high concentration of active retinal. To avoid any colour transferring to your pillows, give it a few minutes to sink in before heading to bed


Reduces sun damage and dark spots*

*Clinically proven with an independent laboratory – tested on over 45 women

Clinically proven to significantly reduce five types of fine lines*

*Significantly reduces forehead lines, crows feet, under-eye lines, smile lines and upper lip lines. Clinically proven with an independent laboratory – tested on over 45 women

87% of women agree their skin looks more even in tone after 8 weeks

*In a user trial for Overnight Clarity of 143 women conducted over 8 weeks

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