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BFF De-Stress: FAQs

Everything you need to know

I am so thrilled about our newest launch, BFF De-Stress. It’s a tinted serum that delivers real support and defence against stress, all while providing gorgeously buildable and breathable coverage. For those of you who may want to get into the nitty gritty, we have included FAQs below. Happy de-stressing…


Does BFF De-Stress have fragrance in it?

Yes it does contain fragrance (similar to BFF SPF 30 Cream), but there are no allergens.

How much product do you get in the tube?

You get 30ml in each tube.

Is BFF De-Stress suitable for sensitive skin?

All of our products are patch tested to ensure there is no irritancy potential. Our BFF De-Stress tinted serum has been patch tested and shows to be non-irritating. However, we do recommend customers with very sensitive skin carry out their own patch test by applying the product behind the ear or on the inner forearm at least 48 hours prior. This is to observe any potential reaction to the product.

Can I use BFF De-Stress if I have rosacea?

BFF De-Stress has low to medium buildable coverage that can be expected to cover rosacea. We would recommend discussing using BFF De-Stress with your local GP, and carrying out a patch test by applying the product behind the ear or on the inner forearm at least 48 hours prior, to observe any potential reaction to the product.

How much product should I use at one time?

You can use 1-2 pumps applying to your whole face, taking care to avoid the eye area.

Does storing BFF De-Stress in a T-pot affect the benefits/actives of the product?

No, the formulation of BFF De-Stress is compatible with a T-Pot.

Does it come with a T-Pot?

It can do – there will be an opt-out option for customers at checkout if you don’t fancy a complimentary T-Pot.

Will the Match2Me be updated? How will I know my shade?

Yes it will and you can complete your Match2Me in 5 easy steps to find your perfect shade.


How does BFF De-Stress protect from daily life stress?

The NP-TriOX™ technology in our BFF De-Stress contains a triple broad-spectrum antioxidant complex. This blend has effective antioxidant activity. It will protect the skin from free-radical damage that is caused by pollution, UV radiation, blue light and environmental chemicals that all contribute to stressed-looking skin.

What is Neurophroline™?

Neurophroline™ is an active ingredient also known as Tephrosia purpurea seed extract. It is the extract from the native Indian plant (Wild Indigo) used in Ayurvedic tradition for its benefits for the skin. Neurophroline™ has demonstrated the ability to break down cortisol (the stress hormone) in the skin and activate the mood-calming neuropeptide influencing mood.

What is the TriOX part of NP-TriOX™?

It is a complex formulated with a blend of 3 powerful antioxidants – oil-soluble vitamin C, plant antioxidants and vitamin E analog – designed to provide broad-spectrum antioxidant protection against external stressors such as digital HEV light, pollution, smoke and UV.

Does BFF De-Stress protect my skin from Blue Light (HEV)?

Our NP-TriOX™ technology in BFF De-Stress helps to protect against daily stresses caused by environmental chemicals, pollution and blue light by reducing cortisol in the skin and fighting free radicals that contribute to skin damage.

How much vitamin C is in BFF De-Stress?

There is 1% vitamin C in our formula.

What is the consistency of BFF De-Stress? Is it sticky?

BFF De-Stress has a serum-like, creamy texture. It is a lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy formula with a radiant finish. It has low-medium buildable coverage.

How long does it take for you to see a change in your skin?

Our trial of 142 women showed 86-89% of participants stating that their skin appeared brighter, radiant and well-rested after just 2 hours of application.

Will I see more benefits from repeated use of the product?

Our trial of 180 women showed that 83.56% of participants agreed that their natural skin looked better after using BFF De-Stress after 28 days.


Does BFF De-Stress have SPF in it?

No, BFF De-Stress does not contain SPF, but it’s the perfect pairing when worn on top of your BFF SPF 30 Cream.

How should I use BFF De-Stress with BFF SPF?

Wear your BFF De-Stress tinted serum over your BFF SPF 30 Cream to get the benefits of both.

How is BFF De-Stress tinted serum different to BFF SPF 30 Cream?

BFF SPF 30 Cream contains a sun protection factor of 30 whereas BFF De-Stress does not. BFF De-Stress is an active tinted serum that will help fight the signs of stressed-out skin and it has a higher coverage than BFF SPF.

As this provides more coverage then BFF SPF 30 Cream, should I use a brush to apply it?

BFF De-Stress can be applied with fingers or with a brush – whichever you prefer.

Can you use it on top of Miracle Blur?

Yes, happily. You can use BFF De-Stress with any of our other products.

Can BFF De-Stress be used over powder products?

Ideally not – BFF De-Stress should not be used on top of powder products. In general, fluid/creamy products have to be worn underneath powder products.

How should I use BFF De-Stress with Just A Touch?

After applying BFF De-Stress tinted serum onto your face while taking care to avoid the eye area, apply Just A Touch for targeted or extra coverage.

How should I use BFF De-Stress with BFF Eye?

After applying your BFF De-Stress tinted serum onto your face while taking care to avoid the eye area, apply BFF Eye solely on the under-eye area to cover dark circles.

Can this be used as an everyday product?

Yes – most definitely to gain its benefits!

Does it act well as a primer?

BFF De-Stress has not been developed as a primer, it’s a serum with coverage.

Should I stop using vitamin C and serums on my face if I’m using BFF De-Stress?

No, feel free to continue using your current products. We don’t expect any issues using BFF De-Stress with other products.