The Trinny Takeover Show: Laura

Season 5, Episode 1

Ever feel like you’ve lost sight of your confidence? You’re not alone – join Laura as she discovers the immense beauty that comes from feeling powerful. She was diagnosed with alopecia at 13, and now at 31 she’s ready to embrace her va-va-voom beyond the confines of her wig. With Trinny’s help, it’s time to add a little energy and colour back into her wardrobe (and her beauty bag) to match the confident, joyous, powerful woman inside…

And if Laura could say one thing to young girls with alopecia? “It’s all going to be okay – in fact, it’s going to be fabulous.”

The Trinny Takeover Show stars a person in need of a life makeover with Trinny as your host. From throwing out old clothes to discovering new makeup, revitalised hair and a refreshed sense of style, it’s all about rediscovering yourself and your identity. With some honest guidance from Trinny, a lot of love from the Trinny London team and more than a few hours spent clothes shopping, a new way of thinking is revealed.

Products used for Laura’s transformation:


Enzyme Balm Cleanser
Be Your Best

Oil-based transforming cleanser with T-Towel

39,00 €

PHA Exfoliant
Tiptoe In

Kind-to-skin complex for gentle exfoliation

42,00 €

Intense Peptide Moisturiser
Bounce Back

Intense peptide moisturiser for plump, bouncy skin

62,00 €


14 shades
BFF Rebalance

Shine-reducing coverage to help oily skin find balance

48,00 €

Trinny's look
Eye Shade

Easy-to-use, cream-based eye shades

22,00 €

Eye Shade

Easy-to-use, cream-based eye shades

22,00 €

Trinny's look
Metallic Eye Shade

Multi-dimensional shimmering eye shades

22,00 €

Chloe's look
Lip + Cheek

Multitasking lip and cheek colour

32,00 €

Chloe's look
Lip + Cheek
Sheer Shimmer

Multitasking tinted shimmer for lips and cheeks

29,00 €