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When I microneedle in the evenings, I know my skin will look its absolute best the next day. It improves my skin texture, helps my skincare penetrate further, and makes my skin look firmer and smoother over time
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Plump Up Microneedle
Skincare tool

Plump Up Microneedle

At-home microneedle tool for firm, smooth skin

Plump Up Microneedle + Limited Edition Elizabeth Set – Full Size
Worth 162 €

Plump Up Microneedle + Limited Edition Elizabeth Set – Full Size

Microneedle, peptide serum and beauty bag

Plump Up Microneedle Replacement Head + Cleaning Spray
Skincare tool set

Plump Up Microneedle Replacement Head + Cleaning Spray

Everything you need to care for your Plump Up Microneedle

Microneedle FAQ

The main difference between at-home and in-clinic microneedling is the needle length. At-home needles are shorter and only target the very top layer of skin (the epidermis). This length of needle is safe and easy to use at home and is a powerful way to improve the overall skin tone, texture and visible signs of ageing. In-clinic microneedles are longer and can reach the deeper layer of your skin (the dermis). This helps to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. The longer needles have the potential to cause damage to the skin which is why it has to be performed by a trained professional.

Microneedling creates imperceptible microchannels in the skin that encourage the skin’s natural healing process, which promotes better-quality skin over time. It also helps your skincare absorb more easily, which means the active ingredients can work even harder. When consistently used three evenings a week, the Plump Up Microneedle is clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The Plump Up Microneedle has been designed with lots of tiny, compact needles (540 to be exact) that make microneedling at home pain-free. If you make sure to always use featherlight motions with no added pressure, at-home microneedling shouldn’t break the skin or cause any bleeding. A little pinkness is normal, but if you do experience any pain, tingling or burning, make sure to stop microneedling straight away.

The most important thing to do before microneedling is thoroughly cleansing your skin – if you’ve been wearing makeup or SPF, make sure to double cleanse. It's also important not to microneedle on skin that is sensitive, broken or has active blemishes.

We recommend using the Plump Up Microneedle no more than 3 times a week on non-consecutive nights. Everyone's skin is unique, so make sure to always listen to your skin – if you’re a first-time user, we’d recommend starting slow to build up your skin's tolerance.

When used three times a week, the Plump Up Microneedle has been clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance good quality skin, visibly brighten and smooth skin and visibly improve skin texture.

You can use The Plump Up Microneedle all year round, including in the summer. However, microneedling can make the skin temporarily sensitive and more susceptible to sun damage, so it’s important to microneedle only in the evenings and to always wear a broad-spectrum SPF the following day, avoiding prolonged direct sun exposure if possible.

The Plump Up Microneedle should be cleaned after every use – simply spray the entire head with your cleaning spray from approximately 10 cm away until completely covered. Make sure to replace the protective cap before storing and rinse the head with warm water (shaking off any excess) before each use.

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