How to use our BFF products for your best base yet

Have you heard of Trinny London’s BFFs? Reliable and trustworthy, our skincare-makeup hybrids are everything you’d want in a lifelong best friend (and complexion product). Consider this your ultimate guide to who’s who in the collection, and a how-to on making the most of your new BFFs.

Where did the BFF collection start?

In order to understand the evolution of this bestselling collection, we need to go back to 2017 when Trinny London first launched. Alongside a selection of multitasking T-Pots that made up our very first portable stack of cream-based makeup, BFF SPF 30 Cream also made its debut. Described as the “ultimate skin perfector”, this multitasking complexion product delivers sheer, barely-there coverage, SPF protection, skincare benefits and plenty of glow. It’s a sleek white tube of joy, and quickly became a staple in makeup kits worldwide. The transformative white-to-pigment formula can be used as the first step in your makeup routine to protect and prep the skin, or simply worn alone for that effortless, signature Trinny London glow.

Following the launch of BFF SPF 30 Cream, it quickly became clear that these skin-loving, tinted serums were something that people liked – a lot. It wasn’t long before Trinny and the team were back in the lab researching all about the stress hormone cortisol for our next BFF formula…

What other products are there in the BFF collection?

Needless to say, BFF SPF 30 Cream was the very first product in what has since become a very special collection…


When an under-eye serum has a baby with a concealer

Originally launched in a T-Pot before finding a new home in a shiny silver tube, BFF Eye’s silky formula was created with one clear aim: to combine the work ethic of an under-eye serum with breathable, brightening coverage. Super-charged by our duo peptide complex and hyaluronic acid, this 8-hour sleep cheat visibly reduces dark circles and de-puffs under-eye bags at the cooling touch of the metal Zamac tip. The result: an almost spa-like application sensation that makes you feel instantly wide-awake. In short, this small but mighty tube will, amongst many other things, brighten, cover, soothe, hydrate, tidy and nourish – the list goes on…

BFF De-Stress

A stress ball for your face

Now it’s 2020, and as the formula for our next skincare-makeup hybrid was perfected and ready to launch, there was a palpable buzz in the office. After months of colour matching, this first-of-its-kind formula launched with 12 stretchable shades named after our team members.

Not just a pretty base, BFF De-Stress is formulated with NP-TriOX™ Technology to help manage the effects of stress on the skin. Our science-led serum-foundation combines buildable, radiant coverage with smart skincare ingredients. Beneath the surface, hyaluronic acid plumps, Neurophroline (or the NP part of the technology) works to neutralise the stress hormone cortisol on the skin, and our antioxidant complex (the TriOX™ part of the technology) helps defend from free radical damage.

Not only does BFF De-Stress is designed to combat the daily aggressors our skin faces like tiredness, tension, HEV light, lack of sleep, poor diet and pollution to name just a few, but it actually does something about it. Consider this your skin’s stress ball.

BFF All Day

Long-lasting foundation (without that cakey feeling)

If we said to you “long-lasting coverage” what springs to mind?

That dreaded cakey feeling?

A foundation that creases, cracks and settles into fine lines?

A dry, powdery finish that you can just feel sitting on top of your skin?

BFF All Day foundation is the antidote to all of that – our formula delivers 8 hours of natural matte coverage with no creasing, no settling into fine lines and, crucially, no caking.

Though our very first foundation, BFF All Day is of course packed with active skincare ingredients that help your skin feel its best. Pro-ceramide helps smooth skin, boosts hydration and creates a more even canvas. Vitamin B3 reduces the appearance of fine lines by reinforcing the skin's structure (think of it like scaffolding, but far more exciting…)

Not only does it offer that camera-ready finish with more coverage than the other BFFs in the collection (think soft matte without being flat), but it stays fresh and breathable throughout the day – expect compliments on your skin, not your makeup.

Your ultimate BFF routine: Step-by-step

Want to know if our makeup artists use our BFF products when they’re off the clock? The proof is in the glow. “There really isn’t a day that goes past when I’m not wearing at least two of them,” says Katie Adamson, Pro Makeup Artist at Trinny London. “If I had to pick my favourites, I would opt for a base of BFF SPF 30 Cream followed by BFF Eye and BFF De-Stress for a failsafe glow.” Here’s how to follow Kate’s lead…

Step 1

Apply 2-3 pumps of BFF SPF 30 Cream onto your hand and apply to skin like you would a moisturiser. Let the warmth of your fingertips activate the colour in the microcapsules and watch the white formula burst with colour that matches your skin tone. Massage and blend until it’s almost impossible to tell where the product starts and ends.

Pro tip: Prepping for a hand-luggage-only trip? Use the free T-Pot that comes with our 30ml tube to decant (and stack) your week’s supply.

Step 2

Use the applicator of BFF Eye to dot the product in a semi-circle beneath the eye area. Smooth with the Zamac tip, tracing the lines of any shadows, and then blend with your ring finger for a flawless finish.

Pro tip: Once you’ve fallen in love with the formula, apply the remaining product on your finger to your eyelids before going in with your favourite Eye2Eye cream eyeshadow. You can always apply a final few dots under the eyes afterwards to tidy up any excess shadow.

Step 3

Depending on your skin type and the finish you want, take either your BFF De-Stress or your BFF All Day and layer onto either a clean face or your BFF SPF 30 Cream. Place the product onto your skin with your fingers, focusing on where you want the most coverage, and use either your fingers or a brush to blend (warning: expect compliments on how well you look almost immediately).

Pro tip: Unsure if you should use your fingertips or a makeup brush? Experiment with both options and see which one leaves you feeling catwalk-ready. There’s no wrong answer…

Now your BFF base is perfected, you can move onto completing the look. “My final touches would undoubtedly be my golden-hour essentials: Golden Glow in Soala (I truly have never found a bronzer like it), Lip2Cheek in Sherin and Lip Glow in Bella,” adds Katie.“When I’m rushed for time, I don’t mind leaving out my eyeshadow as long as I apply lashings of Lash2Brow – it literally makes me look put together in seconds.” If this sounds like a sign to add all of the above to your basket, you’re not the only one…


Let’s clarify a couple of frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between BFF De-Stress and BFF All Day?

The key difference between BFF De-Stress and BFF All Day is the key ingredients and coverage. BFF All Day is formulated with pro-ceramide and vitamin B3 to help smooth skin, boost hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines. BFF De-Stress is formulated with NP-TriOX™ Technology and hyaluronic acid to help plump and hydrate stressed skin, all while providing radiant coverage. Which one you choose “simply comes down to what kind of coverage you would like and what skin results you want at the end of it,” explains Katie. In short, if you’re looking for lightweight coverage with a radiant finish, BFF De-Stress is your friend. If you’re looking for a little more coverage with a natural matte finish, then BFF All Day won’t let you down.

Can you use BFF De-Stress with BFF All Day?

BFF All Day and BFF De-Stress are both skincare-makeup hybrids and ultimately shouldn’t be used together. Layering them would mean too much (and unnatural-looking) coverage. Used alone, the finish is utterly convincing, like an improved version of your skin. Essentially, they both deserve to be in the limelight and when it comes to being the star of the show, the stage is only big enough for one at a time. The best BFF for you is based on your skin type and needs. Your skin will fluctuate depending on factors like hormones and the weather – some days you want a little more coverage, and other days you fancy something lighter.

Why your skincare-makeup hybrids will earn instant best friend status

It’s pretty evident why our BFF collection has become a fixture in makeup bags around the world, and has seen the flashing cameras of a red carpet, shone under the glare of the West End lights, and even walked with you down the aisle. Like everything Trinny London formulates, our foundations need to be a considered selection that don’t just look and feel good but also do your skin good too. With the right application, these four first-of-their-kind products are the kind of friends you want to stick around for a very long time…

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