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Embrace rosy-cheeked freshness with cream-based blushers that bring a healthy flush of colour to your complexion

Trinny Woodall-avatar
On days I feel washed out, these are the products I reach for first to bring life to my skin and a twinkle to my eye.
Trinny WoodallFounder & CEO
Trinny Woodall-avatar
On days I feel washed out, these are the products I reach for first to bring life to my skin and a twinkle to my eye.
Trinny WoodallFounder & CEO
11 shades
Lip + Cheek

Multitasking lip and cheek colour

345.00 kr

6 shades

Cream-based blusher for a healthy-looking complexion

290.00 kr

12 shades
Lip + Cheek
Sheer Shimmer

Multitasking tinted shimmer for lips and cheeks

320.00 kr

4 shades

Cream-based bronzer for a sunkissed glow

330.00 kr

4 shades
The Right Light

Subtly transformative cream-based highlighter

330.00 kr

3 shades

Cream-based contour to lift, sculpt and define

330.00 kr

4 shades
Split Pot Lip + Cheek Duo
Lip & Cheek T-Tones

When two become one, it’s double the fun

300.00 kr

Subtly tapered brush for diffused colour and a fresh-faced glow

345.00 kr


How to apply cream blush

Not sure where to start? Follow our expert-approved guide for a fresh-faced flush…

  1. First things first, find the spot where your nose and outer pupil meet on your cheek – creating an L shape with your hand will help you find the perfect spot

  2. Dab cream blush onto your cheeks in three dots, working upwards at an angle. This will help lift your face, whereas the age-old trick of applying blush when smiling can have the opposite effect

  3. Buff and diffuse the colour up and outwards, using a finger or your favourite blush brush

How to prep your skin for blush

Before you apply your blush…

A great skincare routine is key to helping your makeup look its best. Cleansing morning and night is a must, especially when you’ve been wearing SPF or makeup. Opt for a double cleanse in the evening to first remove surface-level grime and secondly clear out your pores. This will leave skin clean, nourished and ready for the rest of your routine. Using a liquid exfoliant will help whisk away dulling dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin and your moisturiser will energise and hydrate your complexion. Slotting between these steps is your serum, where you can target any specific skin concerns, such as dullness, dehydration or hormonal breakouts.

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Your blush FAQs

Blusher is designed to mimic the way your skin naturally flushes for a healthy, fresh-faced look. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt your skin look a little “meh”, the quickest solution is to pop on a wash of cream blusher for an instant pick-me-up.

Cream-based formulations make it easier to achieve a natural, flushed look as they effortlessly blend into the skin for a seamless finish. Better yet, it’s much easier to blend away any mishaps than with their powdered friends.

Cream blush has a soft, creamy consistency, meaning it’s a walk in the park to apply. Super easy to blend with your fingers or a brush, a cream-based formula helps you achieve a healthy, natural-looking flush in seconds.

If you’re not sure which rosy hue will work best for you, complete your Match2Me profile. Our innovative, easy-to-use tool helps you discover your perfect shades based on your skin, hair and eye colour.

Not to worry – we’ve all been there. Thanks to their soft, blendable formulas, cream blushes can easily be buffed away and blended to disguise any faux pas. You can always blend a little of your foundation into your blusher to soften the colour.

Find where your nose and outer pupil meet on your cheek and add a dot of blush, then add two more working upwards and outwards. Then blend and buff for a flushed, healthy glow.

For a more intense look, build layers by applying to your skin, blending until it’s seamless and repeating the process. Our creamy formulations are impossible to overdo.

Absolutely! Blush and bronzer work hand in hand to give you a polished look, but ultimately they have different jobs in your makeup routine. The key is to get the placement right so they complement each other. Focus your blusher on the chubbiest parts of your cheeks then blend your bronzer into the highest part of your cheekbones, this way they won’t cross over each other.