Niacinamide Moisturiser

Energise Me Refill

Recharge and rebalance stressed skin with our highly active hydrator. Powered by skin-boosting niacinamide, our lightweight formulation works to balance oil and even tone and texture. Comforting cica is there to soothe, while energising succinic acid revives your natural radiance. Over time, skin is better equipped to respond to daily stresses leaving it clear, hydrated and wide awake. Get used to more good skin days...

Please note: refills need to be inserted into their original casing and won’t work on their own or with casings for other products.


Recharged, balanced skin


Normal to oily


Dehydration + congestion


Perfect for stressed + tired skin

This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Routine step:
PM cleanse/exfoliate/serum/moisturise
AM cleanse/exfoliate/serum/moisturise/SPF

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Visibly balances skin

Niacinamide is known to even your skin’s tone and reduce excess oil meaning fewer blemishes, while chlorella vulgaris extract helps to balance the microbiome

Recharges tired skin

Succinic acid boosts the energy of sluggish skin cells that slow down with age or stress, resulting in increased radiance when life gets hectic

Promotes skin's recovery

Asiaticoside (famously known as cica) helps to aid your skin’s recovery after a breakout

Hydrates for 24 hours

Hyaluronic acid (a superstar hydrator) plumps and visibly smooths fine lines

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Time for a top-up

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