The BFF De-Stress challenge


Many of you may have seen – or even tried – our newest launch product, BFF De-Stress. It’s a fabulous tinted serum that has the benefits of stress-neutralising active ingredients with the most divine, radiant, buildable coverage. This second part was so important to me when formulating BFF De-Stress because so many women feel the need to mask their faces using heavy foundations. And when was the last time you rethought your foundation? At Trinny London, we believe everyone should feel empowered to let their natural beauty shine through.

We decided to set skin free with BFF De-Stress.

So ladies and boys, will you join us for the BFF De-Stress Challenge?

We’re inviting those of you who currently wear heavier foundations to share your before and afters on social media wearing BFF De-Stress using the hashtag #lessismore. We believe BFF De-Stress will allow you and your skin to feel amazing, so if you agree, then join us in the challenge...