Metallic Lip

Lip Love

The statement lip for when you need a little extra impact, our glorious Lip Love shades are packed with pearlescent pigments to give you your fullest-looking lips.

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Metallic finish

High-impact metallic colour provides a rich, 3D effect

Light-reflecting pigment

High percentage of pearlescent pigments gives a smooth, lustrous finish

Moisturising and nourishing

Comfortable, moisturising formula feels as good as it looks

Application tips

How to apply Lip Love

  1. Apply Lip Love with just your fingers or use the Lip brush of the T-Kit for an exact, high-octane finish

  2. With daily use, will last up to 4 months (4g)


Your Lip Love FAQs

It couldn’t be easier – head over to our innovative Match2Me tool to find your perfect shades.

Just like prepping your skin before going in with tinted serum or foundation, priming your lips will help create the best base for your Lip Love. Use a mixture of sugar and water to gently exfoliate your lips and banish any dry flakiness, and apply our Lip Treat to keep them hydrated and nourished.

If you have fine lines around your lips and your lipstick tends to bleed, pat some of our Miracle Blur lip and line filler around your pout to keep your Lip Love in place throughout the day.

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