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From subtle shimmers to multitasking mattes, our creamy lip colours are a staple in any makeup routine

Trinny Woodall-avatar
The joy of our lip products is they make it so easy to go from no-makeup makeup to lips that light up the room.
Trinny WoodallFounder & CEO
Trinny Woodall-avatar
The joy of our lip products is they make it so easy to go from no-makeup makeup to lips that light up the room.
Trinny WoodallFounder & CEO
11 shades
Lip + Cheek

Multitasking lip and cheek colour


11 shades
Lip Gloss
Lip Glow

Next-generation lip gloss with a sheer, buildable tint


12 shades
Lip + Cheek
Sheer Shimmer

Multitasking tinted shimmer for lips and cheeks


Lip balm
Lip Treat

Soft and hydrating lip-loving balm


4 shades
Metallic Lip
Lip Love

Cream-based, metallic lip colour


8 shades
Lip Colour
Lip Luxe

Rich, cream-based colour to dress up your lips


4 shades
Split Pot Lip + Cheek Duo
Lip & Cheek T-Tones

When two become one, it’s double the fun



How to prep your lips before applying lipstick

Just like prepping your skin before going in with foundation, taking a moment to prime your lips will help create the best base for your cream lipstick or lip gloss. Dry lips are your lipstick's enemy, as any dryness will lead to patchiness or visible flakes. To smooth your pout, use a little sugar mixed with water to gently exfoliate your lips, revealing a fresh base. If your lips are feeling dehydrated, apply a little lip balm to boost moisture and keep them nourished.

How to apply cream lipstick

Not sure where to start? Here is our expert-approved guide to nailing the perfect lip colour application…

  1. Apply a thin layer of Lip Treat – this will keep your lips moisturised and help avoid any dryness that could impact the finish of your lip look. Be careful not to apply too much, as this could lead to patchiness or your product sliding.
  2. Smooth some Miracle Blur around your lips to prevent any bleeding or feathering, and to fill in any fine lines.
  3. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance wash of colour, use your fingers or a brush to swipe a small amount of product onto your lips..
  4. If you’re looking for a bold look, use the T-Kit to line your lips first. Then fill in the rest of your lips and build up the intensity by applying more colour in light layers.
  5. If you need to tidy up any mishaps, use the Conceal/Eye Contour T-Brush to blend some of your concealer around your lips and buff into the rest of your base.

Your lip FAQs

Simple – complete your Match2Me profile to find your perfect lip colour shades based on your unique combination of skin, hair and eye colours.

Not only can wearing cream lipstick brighten your whole complexion, but it can also help you make a statement. Whether you prefer a glossy formula or matte, a bold bright or a subtle shade, our cream-based lipsticks lift your look and are the perfect finishing touch.

A lip balm will help keep your lips hydrated and nourished. Keep a balm on hand throughout the day for top-ups, and for the ultimate lip-loving boost, apply a thick coat before you head to bed. You can also apply a little over the top of our Lip2Cheek shades for added moisture and a soft, glowy sheen.

In short, Lip2Cheek is our buildable pop of multitasking colour for your lips and cheeks. Lip Glow is our next-generation lip gloss with a sheer, buildable tint, while Sheer Shimmer is our pot of tinted iridescence – which can also be used on the lips or cheeks. If you’re looking to make a statement, you’ll love Lip Luxe, our rich, densely pigmented lipstick, and Lip Love, our cream-based metallic lip colour.