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16th March 2020

Staying Healthy with Shabir

healthy living starts from within

Experts | Health Experts

17th January 2020

How To Combat A Sluggish Brain

shabir talks us through his tips and tricks

Experts | Health Experts

12th September 2019


Part 1: Supplements to take in your 20s

Experts | Health Experts

3rd March 2019


How to improve your sleep, reduce bloating and the liquid vitamins you need to take

Experts | Health Experts

13th January 2019

Body Cleanse

Shabir advises Trinny on body fixing supplements after an over-indulgent xmas

Experts | Health Experts

27th November 2018

Favourite Supplements

My favourite supplements for skin, hair, mood and digestion with Shabir

Experts | Health Experts

26th November 2018

Lymphatic System

Shabir talks about a healthy lymphatic system and how to improve your immunity

Experts | Health Experts

16th September 2018

Post Holiday Health Fix

dry skin, damaged hair and post holiday blues? Shabir has all the answers..

Experts | Health Experts

29th July 2018

Summer Health

Bloating, Heavy Legs, Summer Cold Sores and Prickly Heat with Shabir

Experts | Health Experts

9th May 2018


Causes and solutions of acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation with Shabir and Trinny

Experts | Health Experts

17th April 2018


What causes spots and how to get rid of them with Shabir and Trinny

Experts | Health Experts

18th February 2018


Shabir dissects the menopause and the supplements to deal with the symptoms

Experts | Health Experts