A bright smoky eye

Mother Earth in all it's glory

The smoky eye is a makeup statement that many shy away from for fear of getting it wrong. So how do you do a smoky look that’s simple but also warm and dimensional? Join Pro Makeup Artist Leslie as she shows us how.

Basing her stack around the Eye2Eye Courage shadow from our new Mother Earth range, Leslie opts for Lip2Cheek in Freddie, Lip Glow in Honor and fabulous Eye2Eye in Emperor.

For the all-important smoky eye, Leslie uses the copper Courage Eye2Eye as the fire and the chocolate-matte Emperor as the smoke for added depth. A top tip is to apply the fiery colour as a wash with your fingers first before smoking it out with smudges of the darker shadow in a V-shape on the outer lid. This defines the eyes and makes them open up wider. To escalate this further, she then uses Emperor as a liner on the lower lashline. For more warmth, Leslie goes back in with Courage on the eyelid to really solidify the spotlight on this bold, bright look.

Moving to Lip2Cheek in Freddie, using a blush brush, Leslie dabs the beautiful berry colour onto the tops of her cheeks to create a fresh flush. A little really does go a long way with all our products as just one dab covers both cheekbones in a popping perfect pink hue with plenty to spare should she decide to introduce the same colour to her lips. Adding a wash of Lip Glow in Honor to accentuate her naturally rosy pout, she uses the remainder as a shimmery highlight on her already flushed cheekbones to bring some further iridescence. This is such a clever way to demonstrate the duality of the lip to cheek...

Why not try this look yourselves? A little courage never goes amiss...


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