How to combat a sluggish brain

shabir talks us through his tips and tricks

From the hustle of our work lives to our social lives and everything else in-between, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that many of us are suffering with a sluggish brain. Today I’m talking with Shabir, genius co-founder of Victoria Health, to shed some light on how we can feel more alert in ourselves and our capacity for memory.

Everything we experience has to be orchestrated in the brain and invariably some of us end up with what we might call mental fog or mental fatigue.

I went through a phase where I felt like I couldn’t remember things and that can be quite worrying. Shabir explains that the hippocampus is the primary gland of memory, both short and long term, and it sits at the very base of the skull, demanding over a quarter of your energy.

We discuss the external influences like stress which causes cortisol which in turn can cause inflammation (a stressful thought in itself).

So if you’re thinking, what can I do to keep my brain alert? Shabir and I discuss the Mediterranean diet, dementia, alzheimers, dehydration, physical exercise, supplements and so much more. The brain is a fascinating thing…


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